Taylor SRV 
  • Building on the incredible success of the Redline SR comes the SRV, with the same flat crescent grip but with all new attractive cosmetic graphics. 
  • The bias has been refined to deliver a marginally flatter finish, so it still holds to target, whilst not effecting the bowls wind stability.
  • Suitable for faster grass and artificial surfaces. 

Taylor SR
  • The best-selling Redline-SR has returned with all the winning features you would expect from the leaders in bowls innovation. 
  • Mid bias trajectory for exceptional accuracy on the draw shot on every type of green surface.   The larger running surface gives unparalleled stability in the wind. 
  •   -Enhanced hold on the controlled upshot. No swooping, no hook, no cutting. 

    Suitable for grass and artificial greens with speeds ranging from 12 - 20 seconds.

  • . Better positioning of the new grips makes this the most comfortable and balanced bowl in the hand. 

Taylor GTR
  • Through recently invested production equipment and advancing technology Taylor have created an extremely accurate designed bowls running surface, that is unique to the brand. 
  • Continued commitment to Research & Development has led them to proudly announce the launch of the Taylor GTR! 
  • Engineered and designed by listening to some of the best bowlers in the world. The GTR is ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 
  • It is “Taylor Made” for the Southern Hemisphere with a narrower line and steady finish to the head.