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  • Grip or non
  • Ring Colour
  • Henselite Bowls Colours
  • Logo Colour
  • Henselite Bowls Size
  • Henselite Logos

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  • The XG is a superb all round-bowl. The key to it's success is it's density, which creates maximum stability and a predictable line without compromising it's comfort in the hand.
    It is versatile, even in the windiest of conditions. 
    The Dreamline XG is characterised by a constant arc with a holding finish to the head. 

Specifications for XG

Grip or non XG Gripped or XG Plain
Ring Colour Ring Colour: White or Ring Colour: Red or Ring Colour: Blue or Ring Colour: Black or Ring Colour: Dark Green or Ring Colour: Light Green or Ring Colour: Orange or Ring Colour: Purple or Ring Colour: Yellow or Ring Colour: Dark Blue or Ring Colour: Sky Blue or Ring Colour: Turquoise or Ring Colour: Cashew or Ring Colour: Hot Pink or Ring Colour: Lime Green or Ring Colour: Silver
Henselite Bowls Colours Black or Surf or Mystic or Harlequin or Beacon
Logo Colour Logo Colour: White or Logo Colour: Black or Logo Colour: Blue or Logo Colour: Dark Blue or Logo Colour: Dark Green or Logo Colour: Light Green or Logo Colour: Orange or Logo Colour: Purple or Logo Colour: Red or Logo Colour: Yellow or Logo Colour: Sky Blue or Logo Colour: Turquoise or Logo Colour: Cashew or Logo Colour: Hot Pink or Logo Colour: Lime Green or Logo Colour: Silver
Henselite Bowls Size Size 00 or Size 0 or size 1 or Size 2 or Size 3 or Size 4
Henselite Logos Sqaures or Flower 1 or Flower 2 or Horse Shoes or Castle or Beetle or Bee or House or Geo 1 or Geo 2 or Flower 3 or Geo 3 or Geo 4 or Geo 5 or Geo 6 or Geo 7 or Geo 8 or Geo 9 or Geo 10 or Geo 11 or Geo 12 or Geo 13 or Geo 14 or Martini or Diamond or Bull or Butterfly or Bear or Soccer Ball or Rooster or Dolphin or Gorilla or Garfield or Bee 2 or Spider or Digger or Bat or Motorbike or Motorbike 2 or Horse 2 or Dove or Dolphin 2 or Sailing Boat or Hot air balloon or Car or Train or Horse 3 or Skull or Elephant or Apple 2 or Deer or Pig 2 or Pelican or kiwi or Dragon or Bike or Tanker or Train 2 or Palm or Train 3 or Lemon or Car 2 or Swan or Paw or Lizard or Tiger or Tree or Kangaroo or Soccer or Ying Yang or Frog 2 or Matchbox or Maple or Cat 3 or Buddha or Maple 2 or Bulldog or Hawk or Grapes or Shell or Sun or Fern or Trees or Plane 3 or Helicopter or Spider 2 or Musical note 1 or Musical note 2 or Surfer or Wombat or Ying Yang 2 or Bat 2 or Hammer or Gun man or trophy or Drum or Ghost or Bowler or Truck or Seagull or Spider 3 or Whale or Bowler 2 or Car 3 or Bat 3 or Dollar Sign or Trophy 2 or Cards or Harbour Bridge or Swirl or Swirl 2 or Peace logo or Ant 2 or Frog 3 or Kombi or Pidgeon or Car 5 or Card 2 or Dragonfly or Cockatoo or Fish 2 or Eagle 2 or Seahorse or lightning bolt or Jet Plane or Feather 2 or Bulldog 3 or Scottish Dog or Dog or Dog 2 or Dog 3 or Trophy 3 or Southern Cross or Scorpio or Geo 15 or Geo 16 or Geo 17 or Geo 18 or Geo 19 or Geo 20 or Geo 21 or Geo 22 or Geo 23 or Cross 1 or Cross 2 or Cross 3 or Skull 2 or Dog 4 or Dog 5 or Bull 4 or Leaf or Shell 2 or Geo 24 or Geo 25 or Ram or Frog 4 or Rocket or Octopus or Dragon 2 or Chess 1 or Chess 2 or Cat Face or Geo 27 or Geo 28 or Geo 29 or Spider 4 or Navy or Devil or Football or UFO or Bomb or Cross 4 or Golf course or fork and knife or Feet or Pegasus or fruit basket or nuclear or Tulips or Fire or Star or Tractor or Train 4 or lion or Lion Head or Opera House or Koala or Warrior or Mac Truck or Pie or Plane 5 or Music Note 3 or Ant 3 or Snowflake or New Zealand or Canada or Spear or Scottish bagpipes or Geo 30 or Geo 31 or Geo 32 or Geo 33 or Geo 34 or Geo 35 or Geo 36 or Geo 37 or Geo 38 or Geo 39 or Geo 40 or Geo 41 or Geo 42 or USA or Buddha 2 or Spanner or Pick or Kettle or Crocodile or Koala 2 or Chainsaw or Polar Bear or Stingray or Cow or Cow 2 or Dog 8 or Dog 9 or Cat 8 or Cat 9 or Shark 2 or Two Bees or pencil or Flower Stem or Motorbike 5 or Cards 4 or Esky or 3 pencils or Wheelbarrow 2 or Smoke or Puzzle or nut or Butcher or Skier or Hula or Sewing or Pirate or Marlin 3 or Tree 3 or Mountain or Sunset Sail or Mountain 2 or Welder or Gemini or Ribbon or Dancers or RIP or Paint brush or House 3 or Forest or rings or Dog House or Golf bag or Tennis or Dice or Cruise ship or church or Tanker 2 or Bird 10 or Cricket bug or Anzac or Shark3 or Naughts and crosses or Aussie or Scottish or Footy or number 1 or guitar or Pokies or Cat or Cat 2 or thongs or Seal or Horse or Aeroplane or Fish or Bull 2 or Snake
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